VU ANH TUAN Group Market Research Manager - CMS

"Nestlé is the best place for experimentation. Working here, I am encouraged to pursue what I believe is the best solution and not to follow the old paths. Everyday is a new day to try, learn things and go beyond my limits."


VO MINH HAI Sales Operation & CCSD Channel Manager - Sales

At Nestlé, I have had many opportunities to work in different divisions such as F&C, Supply Chain and Sales. It helped me to gain more knowledge and experiences to become more agile. My current position is quite challenging, but I am confident to overcome all difficulties thanks to great teamwork & strong collaboration amongst all members.


DOAN THI THANH PHUONG Business Controller - Finance & Control

Despite having been with Nestlé for 10 years, the feeling and desire to learn is still the same as the first day. Simply because the challenges & opportunities in many different positions have helped me to grow & become a better version of myself everyday. The most important thing in this memorable & challenging journey is the trust, caring and inspiration that I have received from Management Level and colleagues.


HUYNH DANG BAO KHOA Factory Manager – Mossel Bay, Nestlé South Africa - Technical

As an Ultra Trail runner, Khoa believes that Endurance sport requires both physical and mental strength. To improve performance we need to care and balance 3 elements: Exercise, Nutrition and Rest. Missing one of three or imbalance will surely cause injury. In work, to progress well in Growth and Development, we also need to care of 3 elements: Exercise (Mission, Project, Challenge), Nutrition (Leadership, Mentorship, Network) and Rest (Reflection, Self-awareness). Therefore, we need to keep training consistently everyday. Consistency is key.


TRAN DUY VU Group Brand Manager - MAGGI

“Working environment” is one of the factor that I really like at Nestlé and I do believe that other colleagues will agree too. A happy working atmosphere, open and friendly people, helping others for growing and developing are the things that give Vu a positive energy everyday.


LY BINH DUNG Engineering Manager - Binh An Factory - Technical

When I was an M&I Manager at Tri An Factory, I had a chance to be the only member from Engineering to attend Weekly Operation Review (WOR) meeting with all Head of Departments. I did really appreciate about this because it gave me an opportunity to listen & understand the company’s strategic activities. That’s why I have had to try my best to deliver all the expectations.