Truong Thi Thanh Nhan

Truong Thi Thanh Nhan Brand Manager

“Nestlé has given me the chance to grow, develop and unleash myself in many aspects, especially my expertise and leadership skills. One of my favorite things in Nestlé is empowering culture with which young people are being trusted and given chances to grow and contribute to the business”

Hoang Quoc Viet

Hoang Quoc Viet Operation Performance Manager

"Nestlé Management Trainee has professionally give me opportunities to learn about practical knowledge in manufacturing environment as well as improve soft skills. The thing I love most at Nestlé is CONTINUOUS LEARNING & IMPROVEMENT AS 2ND UNIVERSITY”

Ngo Van Anh

Ngo Van Anh Application Group Supervisor

“I love the way people in Nestlé call our company “the Nest”. Not only does it sound so warm and lovely, but also reflects our culture and values. I joined Nestlé Vietnam as Management Trainee in 2014. This program is a brilliant journey filled with so much joy and sweat, which helped me to find my passion and the confidence to pursue it.”

Chu Thi Thu Huong

Chu Thi Thu Huong Channel Manager

“Nestlé has given me the chance to learn and to grow so much not only as an employee but as a person with all opportunities to perform my best. One of my favorite things in Nestlé is the supportive culture. No matter what issue I might have to face, there will be someone there for me to consult, to ask for advice, and the support can come from all over the world with Nestle Group network.”